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Siyar-i Nabî

Collection Data

Darîr Erzurumî (fl. 14th cent.) (Translator)
Murad III, Sultan of the Turks (1546-1595) (Patron)
Dates / Origin
Date Created: 1594 - 1595 (Inferred)
Place: Istanbul
Library locations
Spencer Collection
Shelf locator: Spencer Coll. Turk. ms. 3
Manuscripts, Turkish
illuminated manuscripts
Content: Incipit: akhbaranâ al-shaykh al-jalîl Abî [sic] 'Abd-Allâh Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Muhammad bin 'Ubayd bin Mûsâ al-faqîh al-mâlikî qâla: Akhbaranâ Muhâjir bin 'Abd-Allâh ... (Ending, p. 465v): ... kendû zaynî bir kishi oldum sanur, fakr û darvishlik al-ishi sanur, [...] . (Catchword, p. 465v): bild (bld).
Ownership: The Spencer volume probably did not leave the royal Ottoman library until after 'Abd al-'Azîz's death in 1876. It was purchased for The New York Public Library in 1957.
Content: Mustafâ Zarîr's (al-Zarîr, Mustafâ ibn Yûsuf ibn 'Umar al-Maulawî al-Erzurûmî) Turkish translation and elaboration of Abu'l-Hasan al-Bakrî al-Basrî's (fl. 6/13th century) version of Ibn Ishâq's (fl. 3/9th century) life of the Prophet Muhammad was written at the order of the Mamluk sultan al-Mansûr 'Alâ' al-Dîn 'Alî (d. 778/1376). (Schmitz, p. 238)
Content: The work was first illustrated during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Murâd III. (Schmitz, p. 238)
Citation/reference: Schmitz, IV.2.
Date: Date created: 1003 (Muslim calendar).
Physical Description
Extent: Volume III. Thick cream polished paper. 465 folios [with lacunae]. 38 x 27 cm (trimmed). Naskh. 128 miniatures.
Type of Resource
Still image
Universal Unique Identifier (UUID): 19cac120-c6c3-012f-0965-58d385a7bc34
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